3 Tips For Creating And Maintaining A More Ethical Workplace

Posted on: 7 March 2016


Creating and maintaining an ethical workplace is important if you want to maintain a strong reputation and a pleasant work environment. Luckily, following these three tips can help you encourage your employees to behave ethically when they are on company time. 

1. Host Ethics Classes

Not everyone has the same definition of ethical behavior as others, so it's a good idea to ensure that you and all of your employees are on the same page. You can actually hire a firm to come in and host ethics classes for your employees so that they can all get a better understanding of what is considered ethical behavior in the workplace. Along with encouraging ethical behavior among employees, this can also be a good way to build a strong team, since your employees will be able to attend classes and ask questions together.

2. Write Up a Code of Conduct

Along with hosting ethics classes, it is important to write out exactly what you expect out of your employees in regards to ethics. Take the time to come up with a thorough code of conduct that you expect your employees to abide by when on company time. You may even want to address out-of-work things that could affect your company, such as behavior on social media. Taking the time to write out this code of conduct will help ensure that everyone understands where you and your company stands and can encourage appropriate behavior. Plus, it provides a course of action in the event that someone acts unethically in the workplace.

3. Lead By Example

You can't expect your employees to behave ethically if you don't do so yourself.This means that you should strive to behave ethically at all times when in the workplace, and you should encourage other upper levels of management to do the same. You should also take action if it is found that an employee is not behaving ethically; you don't want to set a precedent of employees thinking that it's okay to engage in unethical behavior. By leading by example, you can let everyone know that you are serious about your company's code of conduct.

As you can see, there are important steps for you to take to create and maintain an ethical workplace. If you follow these three steps and remain consistent, however, you should not have anything to worry about in regards to company ethics. For further assistance, contact a local professional, such as Katharine Hamilton.